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With Hearts Wide Open

A charity fundraiser by Les and Sheila Medcroft for the victims of the building collapse in Canacona saw dozens of enthusiastic participants and donors


Les and Sheila Medcroft are one of my favourite happy couples in Palolem. The duo, who own the tranquil Hotel Oceanic, somehow manage to pass their contagious happiness to most everyone they meet and are always looking for ways to create more occasions for this. Each year, they hold a fundraiser for those in need – from homeless dogs to street children – and the South Goa community very actively participates in all of these.

Following the tragic building collapse in Chaudi, Canacona, in which a number of people lost their lives and others were gravely injured, Les & Sheila decided that the victims could use a little aid. This year’s fundraiser was organised to help pay for medical attention, support those who needed to return to their families in Jharkhand and Bihar, and also give the families of the victims a chance to train one of their own to step into the lost breadwinner’s shoes.

Dozens of local business – from south and north Goa – and foreigners worked together for the fundraiser, organising raffles, conducting activities or donating money or items for auction. The event resembled a colourful street fair, with lots of games, activities and live music. There was even a human fruit machine, a large jumble sale and tarot card reader to lend a festive spirit.

Visitors enthusiastically participated in the auction, bidding high for exciting lots such as stays at luxury resorts, sumptuous dinners for two at well-known hotels and restaurants, adventure sports activities and free entry with covers to popular parties. Proceeds from the event went towards the cause. Donations poured in, in the form of bids, purchases and some even cash.

The joy of giving was evident everywhere, each donor knowing that no matter how much they gave, it would put a smile on someone’s face. 

Written by: Sinead McManus

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