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The Farm House India – Rejuvenating Retreat

Rejuvenating Retreat

The Farm House India near Dudhsagar in Mollem creates the perfect wellness option tailored to your needs in an environment befitting the nature of its purposeKAR_8879-130x130

We’ve all heard that clean diets and regular exercise is the way to healthy living. In a world of excessive consumerism, it’s hard to switch to such a lifestyle and equally difficult to maintain it. There are bound to be times when you lapse often enough to make it seem criminal. For times like these, a detox cleanse is the ideal compensation that can get you back on track.

???????????????????????????????Located a safe distance from the rush of manic civilisation is a serene retreat whose main aim is your rejuvenation and wellness. The Farm House India sits peacefully amid the foliage afforded by the luscious vegetation ofMollemvillage as part of the luxurious Dudhsagar Spa Resort in the Western Ghats. Here, a range of innovative and all-inclusive wellness programmes incorporating a seamless conjunction between ancient and modern offer complete body and mind overhauls in exquisite surroundings.

Just 30kms from Panjim, just off National Highway 4A, The Farm House India hosts guests in 10 beautifully designed rooms and aesthetic tents with spa, yoga, detox and Ayurveda all part of the rejuvenation experience.

Owned by global brand Sanda Retreat which also owns The Beach House in Sernabatim, it serves up a comprehensive list of wellness packages including the Ayurvedic Indian Detox Retreat, Weight Management Retreat, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat, Rejuvenate and Revitalise, Yoga and Spa Retreat and Yoga Retreat. All begin with a relaxing full body massage and fresh fruit juice to kickstart the experience.

A team of highly trained consultants, therapists, ayurvedic doctors and nutritionists explain everything you need to know about your selected programme, and all guests go through a ‘Signature 360 degree Screening Process’ to clearly understand what each one requires and tailor retreats according to specific needs.

A personal diet and nutrition consultation helps plan your intake over the course of the retreat, during which there are educational talks, workshops, presentations and informal group sessions to help clear doubts and understand healthy living; yoga and relaxation; life coaching and vision coaching; a one-on-one session of neuro linguistic programming; and colon cleansing. Only natural and ayurvedic products and supplements are used during the retreat and all guests are served nutritionally balanced meals, super foods and healthy but very delicious juices.

Having had a work-packed season, I opted for the Juice Fasting Detox programme, which is the most popular at The Farm House India for simple retreats and rests to rejuvenate body and mind. It is also the most widely chosen programme for those who are new to detoxification, and through personal experience, can say it is a great introduction to detox health packages.

The whole structure of the programme has a calming effect, immediately putting one at ease. There is a daily course using 33 combined natural and ayurvedic products and supplements, as well as a daily schedule of personalised nutritionally balanced juices, broths and super foods. There’s a wealth of information available on books and DVDs in the library and a workbook from the centre helps you better understand the changes taking place in your body and how to keep up.

With a well-constructed menu of offerings, The Farm House India gives guests the ideal inner body and mind makeover that will leave you refreshed and perky.

Written by: Sinead McManus

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