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Several years ago, in the midst of a stressful season, I took a few days off and submerged myself in the tranquil paradise that was – and continues to be – Ishavilas. The heritage home in Siolim recently completed a few renovations and I popped back to see the changes.


This stately villa is a breathtaking example of Indo-Portuguese architecture with an interplay of stark white, bold blue and demure yellow surrounded by a luscious garden. Its warm openness and welcoming entrance offer guests the allure of being in their own luxury home on holiday, pampered by the wonderful staff.

BN4A2435 (1)Ishavilas’ location is simply surreal. The meandering Chapora river runs quietly nearby, with a majestic church at the centre of Siolim. Green hillocks hedge the village on two sides and the people who reside there are some of the warmest, friendliest folk in Goa. Just a short drive away are Goa’s famous and quiet beaches, night markets, pubs and nightclubs, gourmet restaurants and more.

For a little over 10 years now, Ishavilas has been a gracious host to many happy guests who revel in the amalgamation of warm hospitality, exquisite location, serene surroundings and luxurious pampering.

Only recently, it opened its residential rejuvenation centre focused on Dr Mosaraf Ali’s Time Reversal Concept. Dr Ali has long been known for his alternative healing techniques, running his integrated medical centre in Delhi since 1983. He has worked in Hong Kong and London and is reputed for his health advice in integrated care, even speaking at the UN General Assembly and other important conferences around the world.

BN4A0131This is the man who has treated celebrities from actor Samuel L Jackson and supermodel Kate Moss to action hero Sylvester Stallone and pro golfer Colin Montgomerie. And here in Goa, his varied non-invasive treatments are available in the pristine surroundings of Ishavilas. Two resident Ayurvedic doctors – one male and one female – carry out the treatments and supervise other therapists, all trained by Dr Ali himself.

The location of the treatment room itself is well thought-out. Earlier the majestic Surya room, space is located closest to the entrance of the property, allowing walk-in guests ease of access without having to traverse through the privacy of residential guests.


BN4A9498-HDRIshavilas’ new private yoga and rejuvenation centre specialises in detox and weight loss, while also treating chronic issues related to fatigue, sciatica, backache, migraine, arthritis and stroke rehabilitation. In addition, the centre treats children with height issues, anxiety, cerebral palsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and more under Dr Ali’s supervision and care.

This set-up makes it ideal for a group of friends or a family to indulge in a holistic holiday, spending quality time with each other while enjoying a private rejuvenation programme that includes Isha hatha yoga, Dr Ali’s special therapies as well as meals that cater to individual dietary requirements.

BN4A0499The special focus on quality and luxury makes it perfect for yoga retreats by organisers and teachers who travel to Goa with their participants and disciples. The inclusive nature of the programme – with luxury accommodation, wholesome meals and high-quality facilities – offers the unique opportunity to hold very personalised retreats.

The rejuvenation centre is a long-standing dream of Ishavilas of Jeh Bajaj and this family-owned property. Jeh has been a faithful follower of Isha yoga and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev for more than a decade. Despite much prompting, I was unable to complete the required week-long treatment programme due to time restrictions and so settled for a specially designed one-day teaser of the retreat.

On arrival, I was escorted to my accommodation for the night – Ishanya – and what a wonderfully palatial space it was. It’s a two-bedroom cottage set next to a private pool that glistens in the night with gorgeous lights. Each room boasts an en-suite bathroom and a beautiful Baroque Goan-style mirror. The verandah doubles as the pool deck and offers a delightful outdoor dining area.

Ish, the room in the north-east, revels in beautiful blue tones with a spectacular sunburst mirror symbolic of Shiva’s third eye. Adjoining it on the east is Anya with soothing green and white interiors and a gorgeous painted chest of drawers. Interconnecting these rooms is a beautiful Buddhist lounge, a smart contemporary kitchenette and laundry area that makes Ishanya ideal for long-staying guests.

BN4A2437.jpgAfter a tour of Ishavila to see the new additions, I tucked into a light Indian lunch of fresh produce and lively flavours. Later, I received a warm welcome at Dr Mosaraf Ali’s Time Reversal Rejuvenation Centre, where specialist Dr Udbhav Singh explained the various benefits of this unique rehabilitation therapy.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-27 at 2.37.55 PMMy consultation with him revealed a need for a special marma therapy, ideal for those – like me – who practise martial arts on a regular basis. The 55-minute treatment that followed came from an ancient system with techniques that have been followed for hundreds of years. Dr Ali has modified this therapy to stimulate the nervous system, improve deeper blood flow to various parts of the body and revitalise the muscles. The techniques of this therapy are used in stroke rehabilitation research in two major British hospitals.

In addition to the signature marma therapy, Dr Mosaraf Ali’s Time Reversal Rejuvenation Centre also offers a neck connection massage to free up blockages in blood vessels to the brain, headache therapy, backache treatment which improves blood flow to inflamed tissues and chronic fatigue treatment which combines various techniques to revitalise the body.

BN4A2377Also, guests can opt for a stress management treatment focused on the trigger zones in the body linked to emotions and scalp therapy which doubles up as a hair nourishment treatment. The Time Reversal Therapies include Body Treatment, Facial Treatment and Weight Loss Therapy. All of these aim to rejuvenate and revitalise using special products and application procedures.

ISHAVILAS-4Dr Mosaraf Ali’s Time Reversal Rejuvenation Centre offers 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day and 14-day programmes to treat aches and pains, stimulate rejuvenation and address weight loss requirements. Each of these includes a consultation with a doctor, Isha hatha yoga and meditation, prescribed therapies, diets, detoxes and cleansing gels. Prices include accommodation and meals as well as transfers to the airport.

For those like me in Goa who want a short introduction to each of these programmes, a day retreat is available with consultation, Isha hatha yoga and meditation, prescribed therapies and meals.

BN4A2499Surrounded by the arresting beauty of the landscape and traditional architecture, Ishavilas is the perfect destination for yoga groups to indulge in the luxury of a conveniently located tranquil space and qualified instructors and therapists. International yoga groups can take full advantage of experts well-versed in both international and local techniques and therapies while soaking in the full experience of yogic life in India.

It will not be long before Ishavilas opens its specialised health food shop that offers recommended nibbles that are both delicious and good for you – true refreshment for the body and soul.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-27 at 2.37.53 PMWith the opening of Dr Mosaraf Ali’s Time Reversal Rejuvenation Centre, Ishavilas has seen a spurt in interest from celebrities and visitors from around the world, all wanting a chance to indulge in his famous healing techniques in the midst of this exotic location. Already, yoga teachers and organisers from all over the globe are in touch with the management at Ishavilas to enjoy a physically and spiritually fulfilling season of personalised retreats at the rejuvenation centre.

My time at Ishavilas flowed by like water over pebbles in a riverbed. I succumbed to the enigmatic charm of hatha yoga meditation at the beautiful Aum Yogashala, both in the evening and early in the morning. My meals were delightful, healthy and flavourful – a touch of both Indian and Continental, and I enjoyed every minute of my peaceful stay there.

I eagerly await the impending visit by Dr Ali himself, during which time I will ensure I set aside more time to experience the rejuvenating retreat in full.

For further information on Treatment and Stay – http://ishavilaswellness.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/yogawellness.goa/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ishavilaswellness/

Written by: Sinead McManus

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