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IMG-3060Having been busy travelling over the last several months, I heard of Planet Hollywood Goa, with rave reviews from those who had visited and stayed. My diary had a little note reminding me to visit it as soon as I returned to Goa. And visit I did.

I was certainly excited that this internationally renowned hotel had set up base in Goa. The southern belt always gives me that holiday feel, so I packed an overnight bag and dragged my partner with me.</span>

The Planet Hollywood International brand was launched in 1991 in New York as a theme restaurant inspired by the American film industry. It is now a chain, with restaurants in Disneyland Paris, Las Vegas, London, New York, Niagara Falls and Orlando, with two resorts – one in Las Vegas, and the other in Goa. As the only Planet Hollywood enterprise in Asia, the resort in Goa couldn’t get more exclusive or hip!


Lobbies always give me an idea of a hotel’s overall ambience, and on the day I arrived, there was a great buzz about the place. I just knew this mini vacation was going to be perfect. With the walls filled with portraits of Hollywood legends, there is a lot to take in and great memories of some of the best blockbusters from over the years came flooding back to me. 

The energetic ambience carried over into the spacious rooms with beautifully landscaped gardens in view, full of the colour of spring. Our room featured a massive painting of Hollywood greats and a state-of-the-art massage chair for extra comfort. But there was hardly any time to laze about; there was so much to see and do in the sprawling property!


We took a tour of the hotel with general manager Anand Chattergee, taking in all it had to offer. He then signed us in for one of the most relaxing spa sessions I’d had in a long time. 

The Pink Salon is your answer to looking glamorous at Planet Hollywood Goa. It offers every spa and salon treatment you could want with a dedicated team of professionals on hand, a serene ambience, state-of-the-art facilities and warm service. It has five treatment rooms and outdoor therapy spaces, and a dietician on request too.

I enjoyed The Pink Room Signature therapy. It starts with a relaxing foot ritual followed by a dry gently rhythmic pressure and mild stretching to balances the energy flow throughout the body. This is followed by an aroma oil massage using relaxing and deep strokes combining techniques of Deep Tissue and traditional Balinese massage for alleviating stress, anxiety and pain relief. This is then followed by a signature scrubs which is made in house using only natural ingredient to exfoliate, moisturize and nourish the skin for a younger, healthier glowing complexion.


Planet Hollywood Goa has a restaurant for every whim – whether you want to feel five-star in an al fresco international eatery, chic in a hot spot resto-lounge or laid back in a beach shack. For the celebrity in you and the smooth sophisticated side of you, there are two more gems at the resort. 

At Planet Dailies, international, Far East Asian and Indian cuisines meet and greet over breakfast, lunch and dinner in a buffet-style set up. There is an interactive kitchen that involves guests in the cooking, and an à la carte menu if you’d like something more specific.Transit Bar-2

With eclectic music and a well-placed lounge, Fame is Goa’s new resto-bar to look out for. It has brought authentic sushi and sashimi to South Goa with an extensive spread that includes tempura, teriyaki and maki rolls, bigiris and bento lunches. The relaxed grills and stir-fry venue make for a very tempting start to a meal, and its exclusive private dining area offers a beautiful space for an intimate dinner.

Poseidon’s Cove is where Goa’s true heart is celebrated, with exquisite seafood, salads, wraps and grills. It offers a wide selection of caipirinas and caprioskas on the pristine sands of south Goa.

The high energy at Heart Bar will bring out the dancer in you. With a large selection of vodkas and other spirits, it provides the hotel’s talented bar artisans more than enough inspiration to design innovative cocktails just for you. 

Finally, the Cigar Lounge is a throwback to British opulence, with classic leather settees and an antique piano juxtaposed with the world’s best malt whiskies, Champagne, limited edition aperitifs, cognacs and Armenteros cigars. 

Chef Sundar Sudarshan came over to join us for dinner at Fame, where we served a delicious sushi platter including a California roll, salmon roll and Shoukumin – tuna with seven spice powder. Next came a seafood platter with crab cake, lemon-infused grilled tiger prawns and sea bass. We ended with a ricotta cheese cake with vanilla and orange sabayon.


Overall, Planet Hollywood Goa brings a certain charm and opulence to Goa that we haven’t seen yet. It’s different from what we are used to experiencing, and it is this that will set it apart for years to come.

Main Pic – with Siddharth Shrestha Sous Chef – Planet Hollywood.  

Written by: Sinead McManus

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