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When you think of a holiday, it’s usually at some place far away, a distant paradise. Somehow, Campo Manor has managed to bring this relaxing, gorgeous ambience to our own backyard! Barely a drive up the road to Anjuna is a stately manor, tucked away with breathtaking views of unending paddy fields, filled with every luxury imaginable.

It was a chance meeting that brought me to Campo Manor. I was recently introduced to interior designer Chitwan Sidhu, who may have just completed her dream project with Campo Manor. Our chat surprisingly revealed that the developer of this stunning property is an old friend, Girish Ragha and his wife Ashwini, owners of Ashray Developers.

It’s the perfect combination, as Ashray prides itself on quality to the absolute last detail with premium concepts and world-class execution while Chitwan has really outdone herself with creating a luxurious yet cosy space with Campo Manor. An architect herself, Ashwini Ragha worked closely with her, custom designing everything from the terrazzo flooring and wooden ceiling in all the rooms to the doors, windows, bar counter and sideboard in the dining room. Chitwan hand-selected the furniture, fabric, artwork and decor. Their collective works are the result of the most subtle elegance imaginable, bringing to fruition the exact brief that Girish had given them and the concept that he had visualised.

Melhor Stays aims to provide exclusive accommodation with world-class guest experiences, and at Campo Manor, the team has exceeded expectations. We were greeted by guest relations manager Elwin, who oversaw our check-in before taking us on a tour of the property.

Campo Manor is an expansive five-bedroom villa that celebrates nature and luxury. The breathtaking views are visible from nearly every corner of the house through large windows and sweeping balconies. The rooms present guests with a tough choice – would one like to wake up to views of the shimmering pool or the golden paddy fields, or enjoy the peace and seclusion of your own private terrace or balcony?

We explored every room, and after a long discussion finally decided who would sleep where. I lucked out with the room closest to the pool featuring a walk-in high-end dressing room and a bathtub. Every minute detail – from the furniture and decor to the immense space available and the choice of colour on the curtains – underpinned the fact that the room certainly was far above average.

Once everyone had settled in, we headed for the dining room where one of the most lavish lunches I’ve recently eaten was laid out on the oversized table. The Melhor Stays team had gotten in touch with us ahead of time to take into account food preferences and dietary restrictions.

The wining and dining led each guest to their own state of susegado. Campo Manor has a myriad of activities available for everyone – from the most active guest to one who is solely looking for a lazy afternoon. Most chose to spend the hot afternoon in the cooling waters of the infinity pool, while a few others took time out for a quick siesta. Guests could also opt to laze around the open terraces, shake up a few drinks at the bar counter, call for a massage or steam service or catch up on business with the high-speed Wi-Fi if needed.

I let my lunch take over me, continuing to stare out across the mesmerising views of ripe golden rice sheaves dancing in the breeze. The comings and goings of birds and animals can keep one amused for hours. A herd of cows made their way across the fields accompanied by a flock of white egrets, and as the day dimmed to a close, the unmistakable calls of peacocks resounded through the air. They made a chance appearance during our stay, bringing a feeling of joy to everyone. Indeed, it made me feel as if I was on a wildlife safari!

Throughout the day, the in-house chef and staff worked to put together a personalised meal that we thoroughly enjoyed along with the company of each other. We felt like royalty thanks to the attentive staff, regal surroundings and luxurious setting.

Girish Ragha has truly made a name for himself since he started Ashray Developers in 1995. Over the years, Goa has become home to some absolutely stunning properties, but this is by far the jewel in his crown.

It was certainly a smart decision for Campo Manor to team up with Melhor Stays. Their top-notch service only enhances the extravagance of this most beautiful and luxurious villa. There was just one addition that could magically change the character of this place – the rain. Undoubtedly, I will return during the monsoons to enjoy that same spectacular view, made infinitely more verdant by the shower of raindrops.

Its Best Bits – The Stunning Views & the Top Notch Service by the Staff.

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Website: https://melhorstays.com/

Written by: Sinead McManus

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