Inspired by craft and inventiveness, Alila Diwa Goa’s much awaited cocktail bar, Courtyard Bar, specializes in the art and alchemy of taste. Conjuring the true flavours of fine fruits and botanicals, mixes of a rare quality are carefully calibrated, alongside timeless classics. The menu offers a unique taste of India crafted from spirits and mixers infused in-house with local spices, and build your own gin and tonics. An ideal place for an evening aperitif. 

The Courtyard Bar has introduced a concept where one will get to choose from a diverse range of flavours, including Floral, Spiced, Sweet Gin and Vodka. Guests can indulge in an array of options such as a Manhattan with Kokum-infused Martini Rosso & Cherrywood Smoke or a customized gin and tonic made with their choice of herbs and spices. For virgin lovers, there are enticing options such as Kuch Nahi, a tangy concoction of pineapple cubes, coriander and citrus fruit soda, and Dadima Cooler made with fresh mint, lime juice, sprite and pomegranate syrup.  

To accompany the liquid refreshments, guests can enjoy tasty bites like Goan Beef Cutlets, Rava Crusted Fish Fingers and Goan Chorizo Dumpling, among others, or whet their appetite further with delicious bites served from the award-winning restaurant Spice Studio.

The menu also includes India’s favourite spice-infused drinks such as the Narangi Elaichi, which consists of reduced fresh orange juice along with cardamom and honey, as well as the striking concoction of Kaffir Lime Leaves and Ginger, a herbal drink made with fresh kaffir lime leaves simmered with ginger and honey.

Courtyard is a speakeasy bar with a retro theme and an appealing air of relaxed elegance. With its arrangement of soft leather seating and an indoor bar that spill out to open-air seating around the majestic banyan trees in the famous courtyard outdoors, this evening venue embraces a sense of refinement, sophistication and tropical ease. 

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Sachin Shet, General Manager of Alila Diwa Goa, said, “The Courtyard Bar is aimed at offering our guests a flavour of Indian traditions which evokes a feeling of homecoming. The menu at the Courtyard Bar consists of uniquely created drinks that embrace local taste. Set in the warm surrounding of a traditional Indian courtyard, the bar offers a calming experience for our patrons.”

Written by: Sinead McManus

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