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The lifestyle store showcases curated work by artists and artisans from across India

Parra, the newest address for luxury living and quaint cafes, is now home to the hippest new place in north Goa – Siroi Lifestyle Store a branch of Sapna Kabra Art Studio – that combines deep immersion in Indian craftsmanship with a keen eye for contemporary designs that will seamlessly merge into any modern home.

A personal project of lifestyle consultant Sapna Kabra, Siroi is named after a very rare lily found only in Manipur in north east India, a reflection of the rare talents and collections found at the new store. This bouquet of traditional, handmade lifestyle products from across India finds itself showcased in a century-old heritage home in a typical Goan village, each working beautifully to elevate the elegance of the other.

Kabra’s dream was to create a platform where traditional and contemporary art and artefacts from across India can be brought under one roof to find their final abode in a modern home. She said, “As an artist and art lover, it was difficult to miss the diversity of art while travelling across India. Each region brings with it a unique expression of beauty. Many fabulous creations by Indian artisans do not get the appreciation they deserve. This inspired us to come up with the concept of setting up this space where art from across India can be appreciated by art lovers.”

True to her word, the store was filled with lovers of art from across Goa on April 17, 2022 led by renowned painter-sculptor-installation artist and founder of Museum of Goa Dr Subodh Kerkar. As chief guest, he led a company of appreciative guests around the expertly renovated space filled with incredible design pieces as they chatted, shopped and indulged in delectably plated cheese boards.

Artists who are currently being showcased at Siroi include Vinay Mhabrey, Carice Vaz, Alok Sukla, Hrishikesh R Begudri and clay artists including Veronica and Lavita Nazare. Exquisite pieces of clothing are also on the racks including jamdani by Surabhi Raj, party shirts by Mayu Kothari, funky shirts by Kukoon, tunics and dresses by Beetroot, cord sets by Kokoro and organic cotton dresses by SNV. Among these are gorgeous beaded jewellery pieces, curated home decor, bags, shawls, shoes, and more.

This veritable treasure trove of unique crafts and fashion is the culmination of years of effort on Kabra’s part, building direct connections with rural artisans in the far reaches of India. Her choice to set up in Goa was the state itself. “Every visit here reinforced my observation that Goans have a great eye for beauty. My husband Sandeep and I could easily relate to the subtle rustic and earthy tastes of the locals where beauty is not the sheen above but in the layers below,” she said.

The home all of these unique collectables are showcased in is art itself. The old heritage place – once owned by the Miranda family – and the forgotten stories of its past were brought back to life with the restoration and design talents of Alinto Coelho, and its old walls, gorgeous windows and little nooks have thrown their arms open wide to this diverse collection of beauty curated by the Kabras.

Sapna Kabra stated, “It was my desire to spend time with people with similar likings that became one of the key reasons to choose Goa to start a store. We want Goans and visitors to keep us busy, and I firmly believe the collection will be the main draw. Just like the Siroi hills where the rarest of the rare Siroi lily is found, we would like Siroi Goa to be the place where unique creations find their way into the homes of art lovers across the globe.”

Siroi Goa is located at H No 80, next to the Ganesh temple in Parra, north Goa.

Written by: Sinead McManus

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