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Since its inception in 2017 in Goa, Mayaland Homes has created an exclusive eco-luxury lifestyle for its clients by building homes that are exceptional yet sustainable. With visionary founder and CEO Paul Dass OBE, it offers its expertise through 30 years of experience to ensure each luxury home is built to the highest international standards and all of its clients’ needs are exceptionally managed.

Mayaland Homes combines the best of British & Indian designers and progressive technology with Indian professionals, artisans and creative experts. So far, its projects have all been contemporary constructions with elegant touches of the past. Now, Mayaland Homes is dipping its experienced fingers into its first restoration project in Bastora that not only conserves local architecture but also saves a piece of history.

“I’m a firm believer that architectural culture and history offers so much more than a pretty home. It’s a step into the past, a connection with ancestors, the telling of a time long forgotten. This is our first restored Goan-Portuguese home and I am happy to have been able to freeze some of the stories that these walls offer us in time,” says company CEO Paul Dass OBE.

Skirting the busy city of Mapusa is the incredibly tranquil village of Bastora, wherein 1929, this gorgeous home was built on a hill. Its white-painted exteriors and traditional arched stained glass windows overlook the pretty and quaint village in north Goa.

Mayaland Homes has retained its beautiful, strong structure while opening out spaces to allow the home to become more functional and relevant. Also retained is a well on the property, one of the oldest in the area handcrafted entirely by laterite stone and also one of the deepest, at around 84 feet.

The impressive entry has a curved stairway – peculiar to old Goan homes – leading to an expansive outdoor balcão with comfortable seating and a swing that invites residents to while away their mornings with a cup of coffee and the news. Just beyond, lies a large foyer with natural clay printed flooring, an antique console table with a mirror and an antique hat and coat stand.

Turning right brings the gorgeous living room and dining space into view, featuring large windows and high sloping roofs. The living room boasts beautiful antique seating with subtle upholstery and an interesting rotating bookshelf. The eight-seater dining table easily prompts routine family-style meals with its inviting allure. This space also offers a compact powder room absorbed from the kitchen, just adjacent.

Here, the inspiration was traditional Spanish-Portuguese kitchens inconspicuously fitted with modern features for easy functionality. The designers included overhead storage finished in IPS with distressed white shutters on the lower cabinets for a truly rustic feel. A door leads to a veranda at the back with options for either a cosy little kitchen garden or even a private breakfast space.

The foyer also leads to two rooms through high arches. These have been converted into family rooms – one a lounge space that’s perfect to laze about during the hot Goan afternoons and the other a library using an antique cupboard converted into a space for books. The lounge also boasts a stunning old rattan diwan that’s truly a masterpiece of the past.

Each bedroom – featuring private vanities – has been consciously painted in subtle colours to create warmth, with the addition of antique beds to maintain the traditional look and feel. All offer lots of natural light and are open to the outdoors so every room resident always has a space to step out into to enjoy the starry night sky.

A gorgeous blue tone has been chosen for the master bedroom, with a large bathroom sporting a shower and a tub, double vanity and a walk-in wardrobe. The room also has a study and a console with corner seating.

Guests are comfortably entertained in the social space overlooking the oblong pool. The short walk from the house ensures privacy for residents while opening out the outdoor spaces for entertainment.

One of the first renovation & restoration projects in the pipeline of Mayaland Homes Goa.

Written by: Sinead McManus

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