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A Story about Suraj Morajkar, Sun Estates Developers by Kunal Sachdev EX-CEO of Hidesign
During 1997-98, the wave of modern retail was already upon us. As CEO of a now leading lifestyle brand, I was actively scouting for a store in Goa. Tourists found the brand and its products very appealing, so all tourist destinations were on the radar with Goa right on top of that list. For those familiar with the Goa of those days, there was a small stretch in Panjim which was home to most branded stores. Retail is all about location, so it was absolutely imperative to find a store to fit our requirements on that 500-metre stretch.

On of one my many visits to the city in the hope of striking gold, I met a young man who said he would help me find the location I so desperately sought. The young man’s name was Suraj Morajkar. The first thing that strikes anyone who’s met Suraj is his affable, charming personality. This was going to be invaluable as I found out later.

Suraj and I walked the small stretch back and forth and spoke to nearly all the stores and their owners or occupants with no luck. It was evening and we still weren’t any closer to finding the store we were looking for. Just as we decided to wind up for the day, I found a locked property which we’d missed completely because it was shuttered and bolted, and looked very run down from the outside. I asked Suraj if there was any way to find out who the owner was and if we could have a word with him to see the place. We found that it belonged to a Dr Mascarenhas who lived in an apartment just above the store. We decided to pay him a visit.

Dr Mascarenhas looked like a gentleman in his sixties. Of Portuguese descent, he was most courteous, but told us that he wasn’t really interested in leasing the store. However, he invited us in and offered us some tea. During the course of our conversation, he somehow took a liking to the younger version of myself and changed his mind about leasing the store. We discussed the terms and left feeling hugely relieved and elated.

It was now over to Suraj to help with the paperwork while I came back to Bangalore. He met Dr Mascarenhas a few times over the next few days and the two of them struck an unlikely friendship given the age difference. Dr Mascarenhas grew extremely fond of Suraj, and the bond continued to strengthen until the good doctor passed on a few years ago.

This is just one example of the way Suraj wins people over and makes friends. While we haven’t really kept in touch as often as we’d like, whenever we do meet once in a few years, it seems like we’re long lost friends and not business acquaintances. The ability to build and nurture friendships is Suraj’s biggest strength. He’s a wonderful human being and delightful company.

Twenty-five years after he first entered the real estate business, I find it difficult to capture the essence of a man who cannot be judged by his work alone. That’s when I felt it important to share this anecdote, which could perhaps offer a glimpse into what makes Suraj one of the brightest stars in Goa’s galaxy.

Here’s wishing you the very best, Suraj. Keep spreading your light and shine on!


Written by: Sinead McManus

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  • Nikhil Vats

    Suraj bhai as i found is a lovely and wonderful person.

  • Mr Jerry L.Dsouza

    Yes,Mr Suraj Morajkar is a Star not only in Goa but all over.he was my college classmate n from those days upto now his Success speaks everything whoever knows the name Suraj Morajkar.i pray to god to bless Suraj with lots of Successful years ahead whatever he does and also with good health n happiness as he is giving others.