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Wonder Wellness

Internationally reputed Warren Tricomi Salon & Spa brings its exquisite range of treatments and services to the Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort in Calangute

Contrary to popular thought, it isn’t hard to look and feel good always. It’s a beautiful combination of positive thinking and healthy living that motivates the body to behave so. But sometimes a little help goes a long way. Elite spa and salon Warren Tricomi has arrived in Goa to give us that extra touch of magic to keep you looking and feeling your best.

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Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi have piled on more than 40 years of experience in the US hair care industry to carve a name for themselves across the world. Their work with A-list Hollywood celebrities and the first names in fashion leave guests with nothing for want. First among New York’s Best Salons, Warren Tricomi has a chain of its luxurious spas in India, including five at stunning Leela Hotel properties in the country.

The internationally renowned brand set foot in Goa in a way only it knows how. Its lavish space is spread across more than 20,000 square feet in one of the state’s most well-known tourist hot spots. Calangute has long been a draw for visitors, but with the new Warren Tricomi salon at the Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort, there is bound to be a lift in high net-worth footfalls.

The hotel has offered a serene natural setting for the spa, creating an ideal zone for guests to relax and rejuvenate the senses, such that Warren Tricomi could be one of the largest spas in Goa housed in such a unique setting in the midst of nature.

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But this is not what sets the establishment apart. It is the only spa in Goa with a couple’s heated stone hammam bed. Add to this, unique wellness and fitness retreats by Hollywood celebrity trainers such as Ramona Braganza, and you have the ultimate wellness getaway in the state!

The salon and spa design has been well thought of and integrated into tropical elements to create a seamless fusion of domestic and international. The structure however has been imported in its entirety from Bali – the land of spa-based rejuvenation, while experts from Singapore have carefully created an aesthetic landscape within the salon.

According to management, the entire structure of the idea is based on offering the guest the sensation of being in the outdoors despite being within the spa. The guest is given the opportunity to enjoy the natural relaxing effect of Goa’s beautiful nature while succumbing to the artful techniques of international experts.

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Warren Tricomi Salon and Spa has seven single treatment rooms and one couple’s suite with Goa’s only couple’s hammam ritual room. It also has a nature ensconced pedicure area, a high-end salon, relaxation zones and a yoga deck that is so stunning just looking at it gives you a burst of energy.

Each room is fitted with a built-in shower, WC and outdoor shower area. For couples, there is a private outdoor relaxation area and Jacuzzi that provides the ideal environment to revel in each other’s company in a sublime environment. The couple’s signature hammam treatment includes soothing exfoliating scrubs followed by a relaxing massage that is almost surreal. Later, a nourishing wrap helps to refresh the skin and bring out its best. The treatment ends with the gentle pitter patter of the baby soft Vichy shower that seems to give guests new life.

The salon’s heated stone hammam tables are the only ones available in north Goa. And to satiate that appetite for delicious, but nutritious, bites, it offers the Warren Tricomi Wellness Café.

To maintain the highest level of expertise and hospitality, Warren Tricomi continues to update its team of 12 aestheticians and wellness experts with the newest training and techniques. The spa offers a range of treatments including rejuvenating massages, wraps and scrubs, facials, ayurvedic treatments and signature rituals, alongside hair, beauty and nail services in the salon.

With an exceptional range of services andtop-of-the-range hospitality, Warren Tricomi Salon & Spa is the best new space to find your zen in.

Written by: Sinead McManus

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