Arpora has for long been known as the relaxed, laidback village close to the beachside party strip. Still, its popularity has increased and there’s a lot of movement in the streets. As a resident, finding a tranquil spot barely minutes away seemed out of the question. Until I chanced upon Baale.

This seven-villa Resort property is the brainchild of Ashwin Chandiok, and what an idea he has brought to life! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill villa resort. It’s a private, personalised Bali experience that combines painstaking design features reflective of the Indonesian isle and bespoke services aimed to ensure complete rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.

And truly, Ashwin’s passion project has hit the mark. He’s thought of everything you might want during your time out and gift-wrapped it Bali style. Guests fly in from all over the world to take a break at this super luxury villa resort that boasts many of the facilities found in some of the finest seven-star hotels.

A few friends and I spent a weekend here, welcomed warmly by staff whose courteousness and thoughtfulness were a sign of things to come. Taro was the villa chosen for us, and there wouldn’t be enough oohs and aahs to fill this page as the ones uttered during the tour ably given by our personal butler Gaurav and his assistant Satyam.

Named after the elephant ear or colocasia plant that grows abundantly in south east Asia, our villa spanned a built area of almost 500 square metres with four bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen and quarters for domestic help over two floors. I called dibs on the larger of the two rooms upstairs and quickly settled in as the others decided who would take which room – each just as lavish as the next.

The private swimming pool can be accessed from the inside of the villa as well as the poolside deck, with a larger common swimming pool also available for residents a little further away. Outdoors, the beautifully maintained garden was filled with resplendent flowers and the views from the rooms brought in the sight of paddy fields that enhanced the feeling of being far away from the crowds.

The weekend was ours to do with it as we pleased, and we chose complete rest and relaxation, taking full advantage of the winter sun available to us. We enjoyed bottles of wine as we swam and sunbathed, taking occasional breaks to indulge in delicious food. Each meal was curated daily by Anje and her colleague – an absolute gastronomic connoisseur – who considered our preferences and made excellent recommendations.

We had chosen an order-in option, loving the personal service and attention of our butler. But Baale, in fact, has a beautifully designed restaurant and bar overlooking the pool for a change of scene. At The Mandala, world cuisine arrives at the table put together in carefully designed dishes that are a selection of home-style meals and gourmet delights. The Gong Bar, also looking out across the calming waters of the pool, is a space for enjoying relaxing drinks, some of the finest wines from around the world, a thoughtful selection of cigars and mixologists crafting the world’s best cocktails.

For villa residents who are looking for a special meal, Baale is working on a Chef’s Table that creates just the right ambience in private alcoves in the resort gardens, cosy corners near the pool, candle-lit clearings in the paddy fields nearby or personal moments in your own villa. The resort’s expert chef will handcraft artisanal menus for the occasion.

Staying in that incredible villa can make it easy to forget you’re actually part of a larger resort. Baale is, in fact, made up of seven villas, each differently laid out from the other. Designed by Indonesia’s most prominent architect Popo Danes with interiors by London’s G A Design, Chandrika Sawhney and A A Walker, the entire property exudes immense thought in every detail. Built spaces are one with nature, allowing fluidity between indoors and outdoors, lots of natural light, curated décor and warm tones with touches of colour.

The furnishings and fittings are luxurious, and each villa boasts private gardens, pink lily ponds, a signature 40-feet long private swimming pool with an in-built whirlpool and distinctive features that set them apart from the others. Residents are treated to a range of exquisite services including customised dining experiences, 24-hour in-villa dining, a private utility area, a luxury car with dedicated chauffeur, luxury amenities, and a personal chef, butler and housekeeper. In addition, there are luxury amenities, complimentary WI-Fi and in-villa spa treatments on call, with a concierge and nutritionist available for any vacation or dietary requirements.

Even though one might imagine this is already a new standard in luxury hospitality, there’s still more to come from Baale. A new private members’ club is coming soon with exclusive access to a spa and gym, restaurants, the pool and a tennis court. One would be wise to snatch up a membership as soon as it opens. As for me, I’ll be first in line!

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Written by: Sinead McManus

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