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With state governments, including Goa, easing COVID-19 restrictions, it’s time to take advantage and pamper your stressed body, mind and soul. The surest way is a staycation at a five-star resort that’s slightly off-the-beaten path, to allow complete unwinding.

I found that at Alila Diwa Goa in Majorda during a recent visit. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, beachside luxury hotel. It’s main aim is to offer world-class intimate experiences in calming surroundings while incorporating tradition, authenticity, and sustainability into every feature.

A 153-key property under the Hyatt portfolio, Alila Diwa Goa merges beautifully with the grand old trees that have stood the test of time on 12 acres of stunning landscapes in Majorda. Barely 500 metres from the nearest beach, the hotel boasts refreshing views of paddy fields that switch between green and gold tones as the seasons change. 

Having been here before left me in a state of comfort as I arrived, and it was a pleasant feeling to see the staff still exceeding hospitality standards, ensuring warmth and a welcoming attitude at all times.

Our Family Suite room, like others overlooking the pool, was beautifully designed to incorporate modern interpretations of luxury, with a private balcony, therapeutic bath, and so much more.

We were queued in for a 60-minute couple spa experience at Spa Alila, where a handcrafted menu brings together ancient Asian and ayurveda healing techniques, beauty recipes handed down the ages and high-quality natural ingredients.

It was the perfect way to unwind, remove ourselves from the chaos of the world and truly focus on rejuvenating our bodies and minds in a thoughtful, sustainable way. This attitude filters across Alila Diwa Goa which have adopted numerous eco-friendly measures including using naturally fallen palm leaf plates for outdoor events, biodegradable straws, metal dispensers and glass jars instead of single-use plastic containers, water dispensers and various water conservation methods to conserve and protect resources.  Also, its the first in Goa to install a water bottling plant, where they provide water in the rooms in sterilized and sealed glass bottles.

After a luxurious soak in the tub, we headed to the Courtyard Bar for a few pre-dinner cocktails. The retro theme bar carries a blend of India’s best wines, beers and spirits, offering unique creations crafted with in-house infusions of local spices and build-your-own drinks.

We then headed down to the property’s award-winning coastal restaurant Spice Studio for an incredible dinner. The new menu served authentic cuisine from Kerala, Karnataka and Goa, sure to hit the spot with diners since the restaurant grabbed last year’s Times Food & Nightlife Award for Best Coastal Premium Dining and a nomination in the same category for 2022 as well.

There was a delightful spread for breakfast at Vivo, Alila Diwa Goa’s all-day dining venue, but I kept myself restrained for the much-awaited brunch that’s scheduled every Sunday from 12.30pm-6.30pm. Vivo La Brunch is the property’s most loved offering for locals and visitors alike. It’s a culinary tour around the world laid out across the restaurant and Vivo Lawns, teamed with lots of swimming in my favourite infinity pool in Goa, live music and entertainment.

Youngsters are kept entertained with a full range of games and fun activities including pottery, bangle-making and more, while the family regales itself with free-flowing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are interactive food and beverage stations including a chaat gado, golas and DIY cocktails, as well as an elaborate buffet with a salad bar, pizzas, barbeque and grills, regional specialties, world cuisine and authentic Goan food.

It’s a brilliant way to spend a Sunday, made even better if you choose a weekend staycation at the property. Alila Diwa Goa has always had my heart for its thoughtful hospitality, and its latest brunch offering certainly makes it dearer. Can’t wait to head back again!

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Written by: Sinead McManus

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