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20th of May saw the launch of Radhika’s Art Initiative, an art gallery that promises to showcase the best that the world of art has to offer.

Radhika Shrinagesh, is a writer, art curator & art advisor who has curated more than 100 art shows nationally and internationally.

To commemorate International Women’s Day, Radhika’s concept “Amrita Shergil – Revisited” was selected by the Indian government’s Cultural Department for International Shows (ICCR) and was showcased in 160 museums globally.

She teamed up with Felix, one of the finest restaurants in the happening town of Anjuna to bring RAI to all art lovers in Goa.

The launch at Felix saw showcasing of her group show called ‘Untamed’ Masters of Tomorrow which brought forward the work of eminent artists like Manjunaath Naique, Shovin Bhattacharjee, Kishor Roy, Tapan Dash, Saurab Roy, S Mazumdar, Bikas Poddar and Niloy Sarkar.

Each painting took you deeper into a universe of creation, exploring the fascination of an artist’s brain to sense hidden connotations and untamable expressions.

ART is a reliable investment today, apart from giving you immense personal joy and inspiration.

At RADHIKA’S ART INITIATIVE  all the artists are dedicated to bringing you to their world full of fantasy & untamable creations. Speaking about the launch, Radhika shared, “It has been a great honour to fulfil my ambition of opening a gallery in Goa. Thanks to Karan Behl from Felix, Anjuna for providing such a great space to showcase the best artists. 

The launch was everything I dreamt of with special guests, friends who came from faraway places to lend their support and most of all, the lovely artists and art lovers who made the evening so special.”

The launch saw the presence of Goa’s most well-known faces and appreciators of art like Dr Anil DaSilva, Dr Renuka DaSilva, Meera, Dinky Fialho, Sheila& Carlos Athayde, CM Bhatia, Shimonti, and Jatin amongst others. Jija Harisingh, artist and former director-general of police, Karnataka graced the launch as the chief guest and made the evening even more special.

A special performance by The Laura Santana Trio had perfectly set the mood for an evening that breathed art.

For Enquiries & Private Viewings, Contact Radhika at +91 7719042299 or Vish at +91 73872 69799.

Written by: Sinead McManus

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